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These Days, Keeping your facility safe requires above & beyond Expertise.

The SMG Safe Return Program is born out of our company-wide belief in processes and preparedness – which means you will not have to wonder whether your facility or occupants are at risk. Our structured and methodical approach ensures that your facility will be cleaned to the highest standards, and that your team can work with utmost confidence.

Program Advantages

  • SMG maintains specially-trained pandemic disinfection teams, including response crews
  • All SMG cleaning professionals are GBAC-certified for disinfection protocols
  • Advanced procedures are used to continually protect the health of your occupants
  • The program features hospital-grade equipment and EPA-approved chemicals
  • All current CDC guidelines are adhered to

To address your specific long term needs, the SMG team can build a completely-custom cleaning program for you.

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Safe Return Program Phases

Phase 1: Preparing For Return

  • Full building disinfection with electrostatic sprayers
  • Floor-to-ceiling dusting
  • Wall-to-wall vacuuming
  • Full carpet cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting
  • All-surface deep cleaning
  • Bathroom drains flushing
  • Assessment/installation of hand sanitizing stations and door foot levers

Phase 2: Repopulating

  • Supplemental day porter and matron service
  • Continual disinfecting of high touch area/surfaces – such as elevators, lobbies and door handles
  • Restocking of hand sanitizing stations
  • Additional security for temperature reading and general observations
  • Full night staff

Phase 3: Reopening & Revitializing

  • Nightly disinfecting – including all telephones, keyboards and door handles
  • Disinfectants
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Collaboration with response teams as needed
  • SaniGLAZETM Tile and Grout Restoration


Prior to and during the re-opening of your facility, SMG will work with you to determine the optimal balance of budget and services.

Services to consider include:



Our highly-trained professionals use advanced equipment including electrostatic sprayers, luminometers and sample collection devices to ensure that your facilities are disinfected and tested to measurable standards.


SMG Corporate Services uses chemicals certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to disinfect surface areas throughout your facility.


Surface tests are performed using robust technology that can detect down to 1 femtomole of ATP microorganism, and provide results in approximately 15 seconds.


Data analysis software can be implemented – with customizable dashboards that provide ATP results, reports, collaborative tools and automated emails that keep you and your team informed at all times.


  1. Best PracticeOur program adheres to the highest standards of the Center for Disease Control – and all SMG Cleaning Professionals are GBAC Certified for disinfection protocols.
  2. Quick ResponseIn addition to our own quick response professionals, SMG uses unique industry partnerships to efficiently access equipment, chemicals, fixtures, touchless solutions and other items that your facility needs now.
  3. Complete Testing & TrackingATP surface and liquid testing with customizable data analysis software that allows you to track and report on program.

Let SMG Build a Custom Cleaning Program For You

With SMG, you have a reliable team at the ready to provide the highest quality of cleaning.