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For those looking to save on energy and maintenance costs, SMG offers day & evening cleaning crews that allow cleaning to get done while occupants are present. Our janitorial service specialists perform a variety of cleaning services, and can work within your building environment without disrupting office productivity.

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SMG janitorial specialists perform day cleaning while other energy users such as heating and cooling system, lights and elevators are already in use. This in all likelihood allows your building to reduce or shut down these components during the night or off hours – which creates a tangible savings on energy usage and system performance. Several SMG clients have leveraged day cleaning as a means to extend the performance of building systems, shrink their environmental footprint and reduce costs related to building maintenance.

No Disruptions from Day OR EVENING Cleaning

SMG cleaning programs aim to be as detailed as possible without disrupting your building occupants. Our janitorial teams are specifically trained on how to get the cleaning done in ways that keep vacuums quiet, cords out of harm's way, floor areas less slippery and the presence of a cleaning crew minimal. SMG day & evening cleaning is flexible – with the cleaning services matching the traffic activities and working conditions of your building – and performed by the top-trained, reliable workforce in the industry.


SMG Corporate Services is HHPC Day Certified.

SMG Day & Evening Cleaning Services & Benefits


  • Lobby, foyer and entranceway cleaning
  • Floor vacuuming and mopping
  • Surface dusting and cleaning
  • Litter and packaging collection
  • Trash receptacles emptied
  • Flexible services for low disruption


  • Have your building in high-use for less hours a day
  • Reduce energy usage of main building systems
  • Extend life of HVAC systems and elevators
  • Reduce costs related to building maintenance
  • Reduce cleaning redundancies

Rely on SMG Corporate Services for Day & Evening Cleaning

Tell the SMG cleaning specialists about your day & evening cleaning needs and schedule an exploratory analysis.