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SMG Corporate Services is at the forefront of incorporating sustainability and labor best practices that create more cutting-edge solutions for you.


Being in charge of your facility means increased responsibility to create smart solutions with measurable outcomes.Whenever practical, SMG Corporate Services utilizes sustainable products and equipment as
part of its Environmental and Green Cleaning Policies. The policies – developed by the SMG Corporate Services team to align with LEED Green Building and other industry certifications – helps improve occupant wellness, increase worker safety and reduce employee sick time.


SMG uses diverse partners – helping promote women-owned vendors, local businesses and category specialists with the same high level of ethics.

EBP Supply Solutions is our primary partner for equipment and supplies. EBP is a fourth-generation, family- and woman-owned business based in Milford, CT, with offices in MA and NJ.


SMG provides equal opportunity in our multi-step hiring process – ensuring that only the most qualified are working on your behalf. Team members must pass stringent reviews related to personal references, relevant experience and police, DMV and toxicology checks. Each employee must also interview several times with various managers to be vetted on their reliability.

Federal Transparency in Coverage (TIC): Machine Readable Files

Top organizations throughout the Northeast rely on SMG Corporate Services.

Find out how people in your industry leverage our services to ensure the safety, health and efficiency of their people.