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Executives & Leadership

Meet the leadership team who is hands-on in servicing your business - and a key reason why SMG Corporate Services delivers Reliability At Every Level.

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Go inside our two companies - SSC, who provides Security & Investigation services; and SMG, who provides Cleaning & Facilities Services.

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Stay up to date on what's happening at SMG Corporate Services and SSC Security & Investigation Services. News on leadership, available services and the industry

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Newsletter Archive

Stay informed with the SMG Newsletter and email updates. SMG constantly provides updates on industry happenings and available services to best serve your needs

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Company History

It's a true American success story - a fourth-generation company built by hard work and reliability. Learn about how SMG Corporate Services became an industry leader.

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Corporate Responsibility

SMG Corporate Services is at the forefront of incorporating sustainability best practices that create more cutting-edge solutions for you. See how.

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