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SSC security services include uniformed personnel – security professionals who make sure your buildings and your people are safe. Supported by a multi-level management team and a 24-hour communication center, SSC uniformed security personnel is there to recognize potential incidents before they occur, respond to situations when they occur and reduce safety risk for all of your people.

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Top Security Professionals

SSC employs a force of exceptional men and women who are the embodiment of a strict set of ethics and principles. Beyond the requisite background and expertise, each SSC security professional must pass our rigorous standards – as well as continuous training sessions. Screening, testing, selection and training of uniformed security personnel is conducted and controlled by SSC and the SMG Corporate Services management team – a hands-on approach to ensure you receive the most reliable security pros in the industry.

A Commitment to Best-in-Class

Many security service providers are making tough choices to be competitive. Some are slashing security personnel wages and benefits, others are "streamlining" management oversight – and some are simply cutting any corner to undersell competitors. SSC is doing the opposite – providing good wages, benefits and opportunities to grow for each security professional. This commitment to best-in-class is part of a commitment to customers who need a security team they can truly rely on.



  • 24-hour security communication center
  • Rigorously-trained and screened personnel
  • Multi-level management team
  • Security teams of any required size


  • Establish your facilities as secure environments
  • Make the safety of your building more visible
  • Leverage a best-in-class workforce to mitigate risk
  • Tailor a solution that addresses your security needs

Rely on SMG Corporate Services for Uniformed Personnel

Tell the SSC security team about your need for uniformed personnel and schedule an in-depth review of your operations.