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Because security is just as important beyond your normal operating hours, SSC features a dedicated Communication Center. From the SMG Corporate Services headquarters, SSC dispatchers are on duty every minute of every day to address your emergency requests and administrative needs. The 24/7 Communication Center ensures that you have access to SSC personnel whenever you need them – and get prompt answers to any situation.

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security officer staffing & tracking

Through the 24/7 Communication Center, SSC dispatchers can staff your site with security personnel and address any time-sensitive security guard needs. The SSC Communication Center is run using state-of-the-art technology systems which track all SSC security officers – and which keep detailed records regarding guard qualifications, certifications, hours worked and areas accessed.


Many security service providers are making tough choices to remain competitive. Some are slashing security personnel wages and benefits, while others are "streamlining" — management oversight. SSC is doing the opposite – as evidenced by the significant investment of resources by SSC in the 24/7 Communication Center. It's one reason why SSC enjoys one of the highest client retention rates in the security services industry.



  • Around the clock dispatch team on duty
  • Tracking of security personnel on your site


  • Direct access to SSC dispatch professionals
  • Quick and reliable responses to emergencies

Rely on SMG Corporate Services for 24-Hour Security

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