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Hear from the hands-on management team what makes SMG the top cleaning and property maintenance service provider in the Northeast.

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Since its modest founding in 1924 as Bridgeport Window Cleaning Services, SMG has evolved to meet the needs of clients throughout the Northeast. What hasn't changed is the company's commitment to providing reliable solutions. By having a large, engaged team that works exhaustively to maintain an acute understanding of a customer's business, SMG gives you a lead partner that can be relied on to ensure the health, safety and efficiency of your people.


SMG office cleaning and janitorial services provides your business or organization with a team of certified green cleaning experts that you can rely on throughout your facility. SMG can help your facility more environmentally-friendly through a combination of green cleaning personnel, products and processes. From day cleaning to construction cleaning, disaster clean-up to SaniGLAZE™ tile & grout restoration, and from floor refinishing to window washing — SMG can help create a better environment for your employees and clients with a variety of available cleaning services.

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Find a team of professionals to meet your facility's needs. SMG can pair your building with a highly-skilled team of building engineers, HVAC technicians, commercial painters, licensed plumbers, electricians, snow removal experts and more. Whatever service your facility requires, SMG's team can help ensure that you find the help you need.

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Use all that SMG Corporate Services has to offer.

Beyond the cleaning and property maintenance services of SMG, you can also rely on SSC for top security and investigations expertise.