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Form SSA-89 Updated for the CBSV Search : Effective July 1st 2021

The United States Social Security Administration


Hello Everyone,


We would like to make you aware of an upcoming change to one of our searches EFFECTIVE JULY 1st 2021.



This message is intended for SSC clients requesting the CBSV (Consent Based Social Verification) SSN service. YOUR ACTION IS REQUIRED for upcoming changes.  Please continue reading below for important updates

If your account does NOT order CBSV searches, you may discard this message. If you’re not sure, please contact us.



It is that time again to update the SSA-89 Form required to process CBSV searches to the newest version issued by the Social Security Administration – FORM VERSION 12-2020. Do not worry, you have plenty of time to switch over!



SSC is unable to accept any older form versions after July 1, 2021. We highly recommend you switch your forms to the updated version as soon as possible, but they will be accepted with standard processing time until July 1.  After July 1, orders will be rejected if the new version is not attached.  If you have any orders in queue for processing prior to July 1st , we should be able to process those.



To locate the form version number, please refer to the top left corner of page one.  If you do not see “Form SSA-89 (12-2020)” then you must update to this newest version.

Check your Form Inventory

Below are some helpful reminders to double check your forms are updated across your form locations.

  • Check all current paper-based packets or releases
  • Check any emails that may have embedded links for SSA-89 downloadable form
  • Check any websites you may have available to candidates to download the form



  • Less information is required for completion.  It no longer requires the bottom portion to contain the candidate’s address and phone number.
  • It is truly a single page form now.  There are no longer 2 pages to manage.



The same rules apply for rejections.  (Please note these are not rejected by SSC, they are rejections by the Social Security Administration.)

  • Name must match what they have on their SSN card.
  • DOB must match what is on file at SSA
  • SSN must match what is on file at SSA
  • Any corrections need to be redone completely or initialed by the candidate
  • If the date of signature is older than 90 days then the day validation part above the signature needs to be filled out
  • Any form of electronic signatures, stamps or pasting of signatures are not permitted
  • Form cannot be altered or highlighted or stamped until after it is processed


What does the new form look like?

Below is a screenshot of the new version. As you can see all the candidate has to do is enter the top information, sign and date. That’s it!

 The new forms are available for download in the candidate portals, our resource site and in our email notifications when forms are required.

Client Resource Site

Form SSA-89 (12-2020)