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Puerto Rico Verifications & Criminal Searches (02-15-2018)

SSC would like to announce that Puerto Rico statewide searches are available again. The only change is that we are unable to provide ETA’s. As you may already know Puerto Rico was severely affected by Hurricane Maria last year and is still having major infrastructure and financial issues. In fact, there is currently weekly blackouts that can last for days. This interrupts the systems used to verify the State Police records system and prolongs queue times for researches to get physical records.

When conducting a Puerto Rico statewide criminal, we only require the full name of the candidate. If they are of Latino descent we will require the Paternal last name and maternal last name. There are occasions that we will also require the mother’s maiden name.

Along with the above requirements we will always need a HAND SIGNED consent and authorization form.

Thank you.

***UPDATE 11-14-18 = We are still having difficulties obtaining records from Puerto Rico. the universal system used for Puerto Rico criminal records has been in and out of service regularly. This has severely impacted our ability to retrieve records quickly from the island. On a secondary note many business's and schools are still recovering from depleted labor and funds, this has created some difficulty obtaining verifications from schools or employments.